All donations to ADC go towards fulfilling our mission objectives - help us to create dance and movement opportunities for communities and fair jobs for artists.

Our Mission

London life tends to be fraught, sedentary and often lonely. To maintain wellbeing, both physical and mental, residents of the city need activity which promotes confidence and positivity. Dance is proven to provide these benefits. Our mission is to create dance activities open to all which promote physical and mental health and wellbeing as well as creative development and social enrichment, bypassing the intimidation associated with conventional training.


100% of profit is used to generate free and subsidised opportunities which are inclusive and open to all, pressure free. This, in turn, creates work for instructors with the fair pay and conditions these artists and professionals deserve. 

  • To promote health and wellbeing 

  • To create opportunities for social enrichment 

  • To create fairly paid work for dance instructors