How We Got Started

Set up in 2017, ADC was originally established by performers, and today runs as a Community Interest Organisation and certified Social Enterprise. With a shared belief in dance for wellbeing, ADC caters to people from all walks of life, young and old, and is an immediate answer to an ongoing diverse range of creative needs.

Lizzie launched ADC in response to a palpable gap in the marketplace. In her own words she says “I started ADC because I've had so many students come to me for private lessons because a) they daren't go to class at a 'proper' dance studio or b) they’ve been to class before and felt lost/swamped/embarrassed.” And it touches on a shared common experience that many creatives know very well. ADC answers a call for inclusive dance and movement tuition which promotes confidence, wellbeing and positivity, bypassing the intimidating atmosphere often associated with conventional academies. 

ADC now offers various tuition opportunities in dance and movement skills aimed at less experienced dancers all the way up to prevocational level, ranging from open classes to short courses, workshops to 1-to1 sessions. At ADC wellbeing is key. All classes and workshops are led by trained professionals who are both experienced teachers and performers themselves and who understand both your body and your learning needs. 

Confidence in your own body is valuable in all walks of life. Whatever your background, body type, experience and goals, at ADC we aim to provide a friendly, open and judgement free environment to move in. For those who find the traditional dance studio environment vomit inducing - this is your class! Ask, challenge, play, fall, get back up. Screw ups encouraged! 




London, UK

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Any personal/contact information provided will be used for contact in relation to ADC classes and news only and will not be shared. To opt out of news update emails from ADC please email Standard class cancellation policy is 24 hours with private studio fee in line with studio policy. ADC promotes safe practice and is not liable for personal injury sustained or any loss or damage of personal property.